Ultimate Guide for Rat Removal in CA

Rat Removal Guide in California

Rats can create problems both in commercial and residential spaces. Mostly, they take shelter in godowns, warehouses, and store rooms, where they find a lot of food to eat on a regular basis. Once inside a house or apartment, rats can do a lot of damage by gnawing through wood and wires. The presence of rats in homes can also lead to house fires. Like other parts of the world, California also has a lot of rats. If you live in the state, you should keep an eye out for rats that feed on food, grains, meat, insects, etc. It is essential to spot a rat infestation at the initial stage and take practical steps for rat removal in California. Ignoring their presence or delayed action might lead to major pest infestations.

When it comes to getting rid of rats in a house or residential building, you may want to try some DIY methods. However, most of these techniques will fail to deliver, particularly when the infestation is a big one. For major infestations, you should seek the help of pest control experts such as those from Final Exterminators, which operates in and near Moreno Valley and Riverside, CA.

In this ultimate guide, we will first talk about the common rat species that attack homes and businesses in California and then discuss some of the most effective ways for fast and effective rat removal.

Common Rat Species in California

The size of rats varies from one species to another. There are many different types of rat and mouse species found all over the world. There are some rat species that are found in a particular area or region. In California, you will find two most common rat species that invade homes and offices.

Norway Rats

People of California often have to deal with Norway Rats. Also referred to as street rat or sewer rat, this species is believed to have immigrated from Norway to England around three centuries ago. Since these rats have their origin in Norway, they are aptly termed Norway Rats.

Norway Rats are larger in size. They grow up almost double in size compared to Black Rats. These rats are more commonly found on ground levels. Due to their big size, you will easily notice their presence in any place they take shelter in or invade. These rats live in buildings, gardens, and outdoor areas. Norway rats are covered with grayish or brown fur on the entire body with a pale belly. One key feature with which you can identify them is their small ears. Plus, the size of their tail is smaller than the size of their body. Using these key features, a Norway Rat can easily be identified whether in a residential building or a business place.

Usually, Norway Rats live and grow in sanitary sewer systems. Human waste is their food. It is from toilets that they enter a building or house. It is very rare that Norway Rats will go far from their burrows.

Black Rats

Black Rats

Black rats are very common in California. As their name suggests, these rats are either black or dark brown in color. These rats have gray-colored patches on their fur, all across the body. Due to their small size, Black Rats find it easy to climb up an elevated spaces such as roofs. Not just small, but these rats are also very light in weight. That is exactly why they can go or climb any place in search of food and shelter. Californians also refer to these rats as “Roof Rats.”

Compared to Norway Rats, the ears and tails of Black Rats are larger in size. So, you should use these unique physical features to differentiate between Black Rats and Norway Rats in California.

Black Rats are found mostly in urban areas. Often, they take shelter in places such as roofs, burrows around farms, scrapes, cavity walls, etc. Farmers in California have to deal with these pests on a regular basis. When living in burrows around farms, Black Rats feed on a wide range of crops and vegetables. If you spot these pests in your home or business place, you should take immediate action for their removal and take steps to prevent their entry in the future.

If you still have a question about these rats or need more tips to distinguish between a Norway Rat and a Black Rat, feel free to talk to one of our pest control specialists at Final Exterminators in Moreno Valley, CA.

Effective Ways for the Removal of Rats in CA

Rodents do carry diseases and can cause health risks. When inside a house, condo, or apartment, they will chew on almost anything they can find and damage a wide range of things. Rats are known to destroy important paper, costly clothing, electrical wires, and much other stuff. In addition to these, rats will also contaminate vegetables and food items in your absence. That is why rat removal should be carried out at the right time with the help of a pest control expert.

Seal Holes and Gaps

Gaps and holes are entry points for rats to enter your home. Rodents have mastered their skills to look for such paths and use those paths or access points to get into your home, residential building, or office. So, conduct a thorough search across the house and find all the holes, cracks, and gaps from where rats can come inside and cause an infestation. Seal all these gaps with caulk, wire wools, and cement in order to prevent rats from coming into your house.

Damaged Drains

Rats always look for dark and moist areas to hide in. Damaged drains are one of the favorite places to provide them shelter. Keep an eye on the damaged drains around your condo or residential building. Get the drains repaired and maintain them in a proper manner to avoid rat infestation.

Keep Your Garden Clean and Trimmed

Rodents or rats do not like open areas. They always look for something in or behind which they can hide. One of the key habitats for Norway Rats is outdoor areas such as gardens. If you plan to avoid an invasion by rats, you should never forget to keep your garden areas clean and tidy.

Many homeowners neglect the proper upkeep of their gardens. You should not put trash and rubbish material in the garden area. Turning the yards into store rooms will increase the chances of a rat invasion manifold. Rats will take shelter and hide in these areas and then enter your house or apartment. Also, keep all the plants in the garden trimmed in a proper manner.

Cut off Food Sources

Food sources are one of the major reasons for attracting rats into your home or business place. So, you should cut off all food sources that allow them to come into your homes. Rats are great at searching for food by their smells. They usually eat foods like grains, nuts, seeds, vegetables, and fruits. Large-sized rats also eat small insects and even animals. Don’t leave food or food particles in the open space, as this will easily attract rodents inside.

When it comes to cutting off food sources, it is important to keep your kitchen, store rooms, and dining halls always neat and clean. Make sure there are no food crumbs or leftovers lying here and there.

Set Traps

Rat Trap

You will find different types of mouse traps available in the market. According to your specific needs, you should first choose those traps that are ideal for your specific pest situation and then set them in the right places. Most importantly, put the traps in those areas where pest activity is high.

Popular traps for capturing rats and mice include Sticky Pad traps, Iron Cage traps, Ultra Plus Mouse traps, and Glue Trays.

Baits and Poisons

For effective and instant results you should use baits and poisons for rat removal. It is also crucial to handle poisonous and toxic chemicals in a safe manner. Such methods are used to get rid of major rat infestations. Using baits and poisons inside a house or apartment is not a good idea, as it can create safety risks. For this, you should always hire a pest control expert or a reliable pest control service. If you live in or near Moreno Valley or Riverside, you should head straight to Final Exterminators for fast, safe, and effective removal of rats and mice.

Talk to a Rat Removal Specialist

If all your do-it-yourself rat removal methods have failed, it is time to turn to a rodent control expert. A rat exterminator or pest control company specializes in the fast and effective removal of all rat species. If you live in or near Moreno Valley or Riverside, you should head over to Final Exterminators, one of the most reliable pest control services for several years in a row. After a thorough inspection, the experts will develop a plan to get rid of all the rats and mice in your house, apartment, business establishment, or garden areas. Plus, the specialists will take all the necessary steps to prevent a rodent infestation in the future.

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