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There are few things that are as disturbing as hearing something gnawing through your walls night after night. Also, seeing a rodent scurrying across the floor with a loud high-pitched screech can give anybody nightmares.

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Since the beginning of human civilization, mice and rats have cohabited with humans, favoring our shelters and food sources for their own survival. Mice and rats are intelligent creatures that live in families and multiply quickly. Getting a rodent invasion under control before the problem is too far along is essential. Rats and mice contribute very negatively to human society by:

  • Causing structural damage to our buildings with their burrowing and gnawing activity.
  • Spread communicable diseases, by leaving their feces behind or contaminating our food sources.
  • Causing fires by chewing through wires.
  • Encouraging respiratory irritation and allergies.
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To the untrained eye of any homeowner or business person, mice and rats can look quite similar. However, both the appearance and behavior patterns are distinct between them. It is important to know which of the two you are dealing with to determine what measures to take. Here are some characteristics to help identify both rodent types so you take the proper course of action with your mice control and rat control efforts.

  • Mice are smaller–only about an ounce in weight, whereas rats are anywhere from seven to fourteen ounces. A baby rat can occasionally pass for a mouse.
  • Mice bodies are round; rats are long and sleek.  A fat rat will still be long.
  • Rat tails are longer than their bodies and heads combined. Mouse tails are proportionally shorter.
  • Mice droppings are small and slender, while rat droppings are double in size, often fat and round.

How to Distinguish Between Rats and Mice

When baiting and trapping mice and rats, their diverging personalities make a big difference in how we deal with them. Here are some contrasts in their personalities:

  • Mice are curious to explore their environment and new things; rats are extra-cautious.
  • Rats eat grains, fruit, nuts/seeds and will not accept new food sources, such as meat the first time it is offered. Mice will try anything right away.
  • Neither mice or rats can see very well. Set their traps close to their preferred food source.
  • Mice nest very close to their food sources and generally have a ten to thirty feet area they explore. Rats can move within over a hundred feet as their home territory. Set mouse bait every ten feet and rat bait–every 25 feet or so.

Along with baiting mice and rats, setting traps sized bigger for rats and smaller for mice is very important. A rodent control professional can help you establish the likeliest pathways these animals take, to accurately set interval traps around the whole affected area.

Next, if nests and good burrowing areas are discovered, the pest control specialist can use exclusion to chase mice and rats from your home. All vents, holes, pipes, and other areas great for rodent travel and living must be properly sealed with materials they cannot chew through. One opening is left open, leading them out of your house into a trap.

Rodent Control Services

For effective rodent control of mice and rats extermination in Riverside, Moreno Valley, and all around the Inland Empire, call Final Exterminators today. We will help you identify the type of rodent you are dealing with, and set the correct sized traps placed very strategically. Also, we will help seal up anything in your home that may be inviting these critters in. In addition to the usual animal pests, we also exterminate pervasive non-animal pests such as fungus and dryrot.

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