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Brian D. Goins

Brian D. Goins Ph.D.

In 1982 Brian first joined the structural pest industry in the state of California. It wasn’t easy getting into the industry, due to a long 8-hour exam that had 8 sections. You had to get 70% or better on each section. If you got a 69% on one section and 70% or better on the other 7 you failed and had to take the test all over again. After 4 attempts, Brian successfully completed the test. It’s been over 35 years since that time and Brian is still passionate about the industry.

The industry has changed over the years and by in large has become safer for both technicians and clients. With the new chemical formulation and Pyrethrum compounds, products like DDT and Chlorinated

Pest Control Service in & near Riverside and Moreno Valley, CAHydrocarbon was no longer needed. These chemicals persist long periods of time in the soil long after they were used. With this education and

understanding of a changing industry, Brian proceeded to gain more knowledge and understanding of how insects affect our environment.

With this knowledge, he started the company Final Exterminators.

Final Exterminators is a company dedicated to providing the safest means of eliminating pests while maintaining satisfied customers. We care about your family, your health and your personal satisfaction with the service we provide. With Final Exterminators, the customer is #1.

On a more personal note, Brian has been married to his wife Ruthie of over 44 years, has 8 adult children, 20 grandchildren, and 4 great-grandchildren. Brian is a family man and understands the importance of family, friends, and customers. He currently holds a Doctorate Degree in Counseling, has been a Chaplain for over 20 years with the Riverside County Sheriff Department and holds a Structural Pest Control License in both Branch 2 and 3. 


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