When in close coexistence with humans, bees and wasps can both pose risks to people and their dwellings. These flying insects may seem like innocent honey-producing friends or just a big nuisance at every summer BBQ, but the extent of damage bees and wasps can cause when there is an infestation— is very sizable.

Bee Removal & Wasp Control in & near Riverside And Moreno Valley, CA


Bee Control & Wasp Removal in & near Moreno Valley, CA

There are several types of bees that can become pests on your property: the honeybee, the bumblebee, and the carpenter bee.


is perhaps the one we are all most familiar with. They reside in hives, produce honeycomb and honey, and live in large colonies. They can also become very dangerous, as once they have produced honeycomb, they will aggressively protect it if a human comes anywhere nearby. This can mean painful stings for you and your family.

Even when they do not directly sting you if you have attempted to kill them off yourself without finding the nest–that decision can haunt you later. If their hive is hidden in a shed or inside insulation, when the honeycomb begins to disintegrate, its syrupy contents will attract ants, rodents, and other pests.

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are slightly larger, also live in colonies, but reside close to the ground. They can inhabit abandoned rodent nests and small holes in your insulation. They do have a venom that can cause a life-threatening anaphylactic reaction to individuals sensitive to bees. Also, their nests, which are full of honey that is not edible to humans–attract other, more unpleasant pests, such as skunks, mice, rats, etc.

Carpenter Bees

are solitary insects. They burrow into wood to create short tunnels called galleries to raise their young in. They target unpainted wood, often found on decks, fences, eaves, fence posts, soffits, and more. They rarely sting. The protective males will hover in front of your face to get you to leave the galleries alone, but cannot sting. However, they do damage the inside of our wooden infrastructure.

Wasps And How To Control Them

Wasps are similar to bees in appearance, but they have a pinched waist that makes them distinct from any variety of bees. They can be solitary or familial. Like bumblebees, they love to live in soffits, eaves, gutters, and other parts of your home or business. They also seem to love electrical panels.

If their nest is disturbed, even if a person is just too close– they are quite aggressive. Children playing nearby can become victims to a whole group of wasps attacking and stinging them. Unfortunately, even an adult DIY pest control effort can go wrong quickly if the wasps sense their nest is being threatened and go into attack mode.

When dealing with bees and wasps, it is important to call a professional service. This is because:

  • We know where to look for primary and additional nests.
  • We will help seal up any burrowing areas in or by your home, which seem to be inviting these insects in and harboring their young.
  • We will help you identify the not-so-obvious food sources that bees and wasps gravitate to on your property to help you prevent this situation in the future.
  • Professional pest control servicemen will often have bee suits and other equipment necessary to thoroughly dispose of your bee or wasp infestation without getting hurt.

For professional bee and wasp control, call Final Exterminators. We would love to help keep your yard comfortable and safe again. We also offer services for spider and ant extermination.


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