Insect Extermination and Pest Control in & near Riverside and Moreno Valley, CA

Full One Time Pest Extermination in Moreno Valley, CA ………………………………… $135

This pest control service covers roaches termites, spiders, ants, earwigs, water bugs, and crickets. We treat the garage and 4 linear feet surrounding your facility/house and garage. The guarantee of effectiveness is for 3 months. We apply treatment to your house and yard–up to 2500 sq. ft.

Moreno Valley Roach Control ……………………………………………………… $150

This service includes 2 Stops. First, we do clean out of the existing roach population. In thirty days, we come back to monitor for any eggs or hatchlings and target them for extermination. This comes with a 4-month guarantee of no bugs.


For maximum safety and effectiveness, we ask that you remove all dishes and grocery items from all your cabinets. This also includes all the drawers. In order for us to target all pest hosting areas, please take out items from medicine cabinets and from under the sink. All rooms in your home or office are serviced for roaches as well.

Moreno Valley Rodent Control

Have you noticed strange noises in your walls or scurrying forms across your floors at night? It is time for emergency rodent control! Prevent these creatures from multiplying and settling in with our one-time pest control service. Pricing is based on the location of infestation and rodent type. Mice cost less and rats cost more. We offer a variety of services, including attic intervention. Contact Us for your special quote today.

Bed Bugs, Bees, Fleas, Ticks and Ants Control in & near Moreno Valley, CA

These are man and pet attacking pests that require special treatment. Final Exterminators are known for our expertise and effectiveness in dealing with these health-threatening, pervasive critters. The inspections are free, at which time, we will be able to generate a competitive quote for fixing the problem in your house or business. Prices may vary, based on the size of the building and volume of infestation. We perform bed bug extermination for hotels, hospitals, bed and breakfast facilities as well as residential homes. Call us at  (800) 953-1397 to set up a consult and we will provide a personalized quote for you.


Final’s insect extermination services are second to none in the Riverside and Moreno Valley areas.


Additionally, take a look at our monthly and quarterly pest control services.


    We Do One Time Insect Extermination and Pest Control in & near Moreno Valley, CA

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