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Emergency Pest Control in & near Moreno Valley – The Pitfalls of Termites and Bed Bugs

One of the major problems facing the pest control services industry is a major epidemic in the control of termite control and bed bug removal. These two pests alone have been dominating the market with no clear end in sight.

Termite Control alone is costing homeowners in the USA over 5 billion dollars annually, with an average cost of repairs being $3300 per home. That is an average of 1.5 million homes annually needing termite control resulting in many cases of emergency pest control services.

With a total estimate of 126 million households in the US that live in detached structures (homes) over the next ten years, 12% of US homes will need termite control from the pest control services industry.

Why Pest Control is Necessary

Mice Control

Pest control services are necessary for a healthy society, as many pests can spread diseases and other illnesses. Emergency pest control is sometimes needed for pests that attack humans, such as blood-consuming bed bugs.

Bed bug removal is one of the most requested services in the pest control industry. One reason is that getting rid of bed bugs is nearly impossible for the do-it-yourself. Bed bugs require specialized treatments and complete pest control, as these bugs tend to proliferate rapidly, making them extremely difficult to control. If you are waking up covered in welts, you could have a bed bug problem. To get rid of your bed bugs, we highly recommend that you call a pest control professional.

If you do have a bed bug infestation, know that you’re not alone. 1 in 5 homes is facing a bed bug problem right now. Bed bug removal, like most things, is best performed early, the moment you notice that an infestation has occurred.

Bed bugs, while annoying, are not the only human-attacking pests to worry about. Others include bees and wasps, mice and rats, and fleas, just to name a few.

Bed Bug Control

All of these pests are minor, however, compared to the new species of bed bugs that appear to be “resistant” to treatment. As horrifying as that sounds, this new strain of bed bugs does have a significant weakness.

To get rid of these treatment-resistant bed bugs, a professional exterminator will need to be called to the home. Unfortunately, these super bed bug treatments can be costly, with the average homeowner paying up to $1500 in some cases before the entire bed bug population is destroyed.

With varying types of bed bug removal, it all comes down to which type your family needs. You can choose between spot bed bug removal, heat bed bug treatment, and fumigation.

Be aware that these super bed bug treatments can have supplemental costs, such as disposal fees for tossing out mattresses, couches, and other furniture that may have become bed bug-infested. If you don’t want the problem to reoccur, all of these items will need to be thrown away as part of the bed bug extermination process. 

The Various Approaches to Pest Control – Why DIY Often Fails to Work

In the major metropolitan areas of the US, for many years pest control was needed to control the cockroach population. You needed to call a professional when you lived in those areas or else the roaches would infest and take over, making homes virtually unlivable.

When do-it-yourself treatments became more popular, homeowners and renters figured they no longer needed pest control. They could visit their grocery store or hardware store and stock up on the various solutions available to get rid of any pests wreaking havoc on their homes.

Since then, we’ve discovered an interesting but alarming fact. All those DIY approaches to cockroach eradication – the sprays and traps and bait – only managed to make the problem worse. That’s right, the do-it-yourself approach to pest control only seemed to multiply the problem.

You Must Exterminate All Pests to Be Effective

Here’s why do-it-yourself solutions don’t work very well in most cases. We’re going to highlight a growing problem and that’s roach infestation, which a common treatment tends to be a pesticide bomb.

Let’s say you go to the store and buy the latest pesticide bomb and subsequently let it off inside your home. After allowing adequate time, you return home to find dead insects on the floor, maybe even dead roaches. For all you know, the DIY solution worked exactly as intended.

What you don’t see are the roaches that weren’t killed. While some roaches will likely die in the resulting pesticide cloud, some roaches may only receive sub-lethal doses. Those roaches only have to find a clear and dark area of your home to thrive and breed.

Before you know it, those roaches have created an all-new growing population who are now possibly resistant to future bug bombings.

Hiring a Professional Exterminator Can Save Your Time & Money

By the time you spend money and effort on the do-it-yourself approach, you’ve already spent 25% to 40% of what it would cost to have a professional pest control expert do the job for you. Instead of going the DIY route and feeling the frustration of failure when your infestation remains, call the trained and experienced pest control experts at Final Exterminators.

We are available to listen to your concerns and answer your questions. If you feel that you need complete pest eradication services in & near Riverside and Moreno Valley, we’ll show up with the proper equipment to effectively provide you with pest control, termite control and bed bug removal.

We can even schedule regular eradication treatments to ensure those spiders, roaches, ants, rodents, and other pests never return. This keeps your home free of pests, which ultimately contributes to a healthier environment for you and your family.

It’s a fact of life that as long as there are humans on this planet there will also be insects. We can co-exist, but that doesn’t mean pests should be living alongside you in your home.

Getting the right type of service is necessary to insure full and complete control of unwanted pests. And we’re just the service to call.

Final Exterminators offers a full range of pest control and termite control services to meet your needs. Call us today and save.

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