Though it may be difficult to get rid of bed bugs, it’s not an impossible task. A professional bed bug exterminator with enough experience and knowledge in dealing with small bugs can efficiently exterminate them. They will identify areas where these creatures are present in your home and make sure that the correct method is used to get rid of every last one found in your house.

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Understanding the Bed Bug Epidemic: Why You Need a Professional Bed Bug Exterminator

Once wiped out, bed bugs have made a comeback and U.S. cities today, more than ever, are dealing with an extreme bed bug crisis. Bed bugs are very small insects that feed upon human blood. They are named as such since they most often colonize dirty bedding and mattresses. That being said, they can also live in carpets and wall cracks.

Bed bugs are attracted to body heat and carbon dioxide, not dirt or junk from garbage cans as widely misconceived. This makes it rather hard to get rid of them. Empty all the luggage you carried during your travel to expedite the inspection process and pest treatment if required.

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How Does Bed Bug Treatment Work?

First off, they will carry out a comprehensive inspection of your home to locate bed bugs without passing up on anything. Once the trouble spots have been located, they use chemicals and dust to get rid of bed bug eggs in your home, preventing them from colonizing new locations and achieving complete bed bug elimination.

Hire a bed bug exterminator as soon as you spot the signs of a pest infestation to contain the problem before it escalates.


5 Signs You Have A Bed Bug Infestation

  1. Bedding and Furniture: Bed bugs and their eggs can be found in the seams and crevices of mattresses, box springs, bed frames, and other furniture.
  2. Walls and Decor: Bed bugs can hide in cracks and crevices in walls, as well as behind wallpaper and picture frames.
  3. Clothing and Luggage: Bed bugs can hitch a ride on clothing and luggage, potentially spreading to new locations.
  4. Bloodstains and Droppings: Bed bugs leave behind small, rust-colored bloodstains on sheets and mattresses, as well as dark droppings that resemble ground pepper.
  5. Unpleasant Odor: Bed bugs release a musty odor that can be particularly strong in heavily infested areas.


Know Bed Bugs Habits For More Effective Bed Bug Exterminator & Control

Bed bugs, being nocturnal insects, feed themselves at night. So having to deal with them all night long might not be a pleasant experience at all since you might need to adjust your body clock to be able to do that. Not to mention, they only seek blood every five to ten days and could remarkably survive for 12-18 months without feeding!

The Most Effective Bed Bug Treatment Methods


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    Note: It is imperative that you follow these instructions. Proper preparation is an important step for ensuring the most effective results from your upcoming bed bug treatment. We are confident that we can assist you in your goal of achieving a pest-free environment, but we need your assistance.
    Thank you in advance for your time and cooperation.

    Bed Bug Treatment Preparation Checklist

    Humans and all pets must remain out of the unit or home during
    bed bug treatment and at least 4 hours after treatment is complete.
    ALL cloth, bedding, stuffed animals, fabric items, Curtains, and drapes must be stripped, packed up for cleaning, and removed. This includes ALL: hampers, linen closets, bedding, pillows, pillowcases, sheets, mattress covers, bed skirts, etc.
    On the day of service, you must take items to be laundered or dry cleaned. Wash and dry or place ALL cloth material dryer on the hottest allowable heat for 45 minutes. (This will eliminate the live bed bugs and eggs.)
    Remove ALL items from the closets, including any items on the closet shelves (place ALL items in new plastic bags or plastic containers and place them in the kitchen or restroom). Follow the procedure above for laundering ALL clothing. NO items should remain in bedrooms, linen, hallways, and living rooms closets.
    Shoes should be placed in new plastic bags or plastic containers, sealed tightly, and relocated to the kitchen or restroom. If shoes can tolerate a dry cycle, first place them in the dryer on the hottest cycle for 45 minutes. No shoes should be left in the bedroom or closet.
    Discard cardboard boxes, shoe boxes, paper and plastic bags, old newspapers, and stacks of magazines.
    remove ALL picture frames, mirrors, artworks, wall clocks, and decorative items from the walls and place them on the floor in the same room as they were hanging. These items must be inspected and treated if necessary.
    Empty all the luggage you carried during your travel to expedite the inspection process and pest treatment if required.
    ALL furniture must be pulled at least 1 foot away from the baseboard in bedrooms and living rooms.
    vacuum floors, carpets, and area rugs use the crack and crevice attachment around the baseboard, bed frames, sofas, and other furniture items. Discard vacuum bags or contents after use.
    Lift mattresses and box springs from the bed frame and stand them up against the wall
    Remove and discard the box spring backing( the thin fibrous material that is stapled to the bottom of the box spring) before the bed bug treatment.
    Purchase certified bed bug protective covers. Bed bug covers will prevent bed bugs from infiltrating and ultimately infesting your mattress and box spring. (bed bugs protective covers can be purchased at your local Target, Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, and from a reputable mattress retailer or online.)