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Spider control is an absolute necessity in California. In our state, we have more than fifty different species of spiders, the majority of which have venomous bites. Not all of these will send you to the hospital with a life-threatening emergency, but they will cause some degree of inflammation or discomfort, and, not to mention–fear.

California is home to three dangerous arachnids: the Western Black Widow, the Desert Recluse, and the Chilean Recluse.

Western Black Widow

The western black widow spider (Latrodectus Hesperus) is mainly found in the Western regions of North America. Black widows can be identified by the three-dimensional, irregular webs they spin. These are unlike the orderly weavings of many other spiders. Black widows hang upside down on their webs, awaiting prey.

The female is all-black, around 16mm in length and often sports an hourglass-shaped red mark located on the lower abdomen. In some cases, the hourglass can be a yellow color or white. The male is half the female’s size and generally tan with lighter striping on the abdomen.

If you are ever bitten by a western black widow spider, you may experience nausea, goosebumps, localized sweating, and pain. The bite can also be deadly, with fatalities reported between .5% and 12% of those bitten.

Desert Recluse

The desert recluse (Loxosceles deserta) is primarily found in Utah, but some sightings have been reported in California. These spiders are characterized by their tan to dark brown appearance and fiddle-shaped marketing on top. This type of recluse has six eyes that are arranged in groups of two.

The Desert Recluse is a spider you will likely never see in your home unless you have built your dwelling near a desert. As their name implies, recluse spiders try not to be spotted by humans, but occasionally, you may encounter one on your own property.

If bitten by a desert recluse, the result can be a necrotic ulcer that can take several weeks to heal. The good news is that these spiders are rarely encountered indoors, but precautions should still be taken.

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Chilean Recluse

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The Chilean recluse spider (Loxosceles Laeta) is considered to be one of the most dangers of all recluse spiders. The bite is known to frequently result in severe systemic reactions that include death.

The Chilean recluse is rather large as recluse species are concerned, with the spiders ranging from 8 to 40 mm in size, including the legs. The spider is brown in color and typically has markings on the dorsal side of its thorax. You might also notice a black line that resembles a violin, which lends the spider its nickname, “Fiddleback Spider” or “Violin Spider.” The Chilean recluse has six eyes arranged in pairs and tends to build an irregular web at night to hunt.

Unlike the desert recluse, the Chilean recluse is often found in human dwellings. However, the spider is generally not aggressive and humans usually only get bit when they accidentally press the spider against their skin in clothing or bedding.

The venom of the Chilean recluse is in a higher concentration than some other recluse spiders and is more active at high temperatures. The bite also causes a necrotic ulcer that may take months to heal and can sometimes leave scars.

These are all incredibly venomous spiders whose bites will warrant immediate medical attention and can threaten the life of a small child or family pet. We also see a lot of hobo spiders, sac spiders, and cellar spiders.

Black Widows, Recluses, and many other spiders like cluttered, dark areas of your home. This is because they like something to hide behind or under. Messy garages, woodpiles, barns, dark corners, sheds, outhouses, as well as under or by large rocks— are all very popular habitats. Basements and crawl spaces are particularly favored by black widows–so be vigilant of your surroundings.

Riverside Spider Extermination: When Is it Necessary?

Spiders can and do coexist peacefully with humans. In fact, spiders eat some of the insects that annoy us the most–flies, bed bugs, roaches, and mosquitoes. Nevertheless, you may need professional spider extermination services if:

If you are renting or living in a basement apartment–or if your office is on the basement level of a building. Spiders love to come in through the window wells and generally love below-ground dwellings.

You have found a substantial spider nest, especially a black widow nest or one belonging to any kind of recluse spider. Sightings of individual spiders around your property probably do not constitute a problem, but nests must be handled professionally.

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