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When you call Final Exterminators for quality pest control services, you can guarantee that all of the pests in your home will be eradicated fast. We offer safe and effective pest control solutions that are designed to kill pests in and around your property, as well as their nests, young, and eggs. We proudly serve the greater Riverside area and wish to provide you and your family with the best pest extermination services found near you.

Effective Pest Extermination and Control for All Your Bugs, Spiders & Rodents

No matter the extent of your infestation, we have the solutions that are proven to work against many of the common pests seen in the Riverside area.
Pest Exterminator and Pest Control Service in & near Riverside and Moreno Valley, CA


They move quickly and can carry disease. Roaches may not bite, but they are a nuisance. We guarantee that we can eradicate your roach problem while preventing them from breeding for long-term roach control.


If you see one ant, there are likely more living nearby. Ants amass into populous colonies, and some can live for years. Another nuisance pest, we can exterminate all the ants on your property, including their colonies and sub-colonies, with one-time or regular pest control.


We have several species of spiders here in Riverside, and two of them are dangerous: the black widow and the brown recluse. If you see signs of spiders in your house, don’t delay and wait for them to breed. Get rid of your spider problem for good with safe and effective spider extermination services.

Bed Bugs:

Sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite. We’ve all heard that rhyme, but for some Riverside homeowners, bed bug bites are a nightly occurrence. No matter how many of the bloodsuckers have found a way into your home, we have complete bed bug treatments to eradicate your problem completely.


Crickets usually find a way into your home to look for refuge and to seek mates. The cricket’s mating song is that horrible chirping that keeps you up at night. We not only eradicate the crickets in your home, but we look for ways the insects might be getting in before sealing those spots uptight. With your crickets gone, a good night’s sleep is sure to follow.

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Water Bugs:

These waterborne bugs are often confused with roaches. They are excellent swimmers and hunt in the water, but sometimes they can find a way into your home. If you see a water bug, call us for safe and effective pest extermination, and keep a pest-free home for the long-term.


Rats and mice can chew the wires in your walls, increasing the risk of fire. They can eat the food in your cabinets and leave droppings and urine on your countertops and stove. They can spread microbes and disease, and that means the rodents in your home need to leave. We have safe and powerful rodent control methods that will eradicate your mice or rat problem for a safer, cleaner home.

Subterranean Termites:

These tiny winged insects resemble ants, but watch out, because subterranean termites may be eating away at your home’s value. The insects cost homeowners billions every year across the country. They love moisture and get into your home through cracks in your foundation. We can find the spots where the insects are getting in and exterminate your termite problem fast. Stop the damage to your home and stop the insects from breeding by calling us for effective subterranean termite control.

Drywood Termites:

Unlike subterranean termites, these wood-eating insects don’t need moisture to thrive. That means they can get into your home through the unlikeliest of places. We can find all the entrance holes where the termites are entering your home and stop the damage fast. Subterranean termites could cost you significantly in home repair costs. Act quickly and call us now for absolute drywood termite control.


These brownish winged insects can quickly ruin your picnic, but they can also be dangerous, particularly to those who are allergic. Bees can swarm and pose a danger, especially if they build their hives in or near your home. Call us for total bee control and make your backyard barbecues safer once more.


They may be tiny, but fleas can jump a long way. They tend to bite around the ankles when they are not ravaging your pets. Fleas are resilient and breed rapidly, and their eggs can survive inside your vacuum cleaner reservoir. To ensure your home is free of fleas for long into the future, call Final Exterminators, the only flea control experts you will ever need.


Like bed bugs, ticks feed on your blood, but they can also spread disease. To keep your family safe from illnesses like Yellow Tick Fever and Lyme Disease, call us for complete tick control. The reddish insects are tiny and can flatten themselves to fit into the smallest of places, but we can find the ticks on your property and eradicate the pests fast, guaranteed.


Keep your garden and yard safe from tunneling gophers. These furry invaders can not only tear up your yard, but they can feed on those vegetables you worked so hard to grow. Gophers require special pest extermination treatments. Our exterminators have been working with homeowners to eradicate gopher problems for many years. Let us keep your yard and property pristine and free of holes and tunnels with quality gopher extermination.


Wasps and hornets can fly around your property like they own the place. Unlike bees, wasps can sting more than once, though they are usually safe unless provoked. Some species of wasps, however, like yellow jackets, can be aggressive. Get rid of your flying insect problem by calling us for wasp control you can always trust.


They have a bad reputation for crawling into human ears to lay their eggs, though that is just a myth. Earwigs are nuisance insects that can emit a foul odor and need to be eradicated from your home. We can exterminate all signs of earwigs for the foreseeable future with effective pest control.

The Pest Control Services You Need on Your Schedule

When you see a pest, you want it gone immediately, which means you may not be very mindful of the future. We can come out for one-time pest control, but what about in a few months when more pests find their way inside your home? For your convenience, we offer several pest control programs for all types and levels of pest infestations. We can come out monthly, quarterly, or once a year to give you the safe and effective pest control services you need most.

Get the Services of Professional & Courteous Pest Control Technicians

Each of our exterminators has years of hands-on experience and training in the eradication of all types of pests. From rats and roaches to earwigs and bed bugs, you can guarantee a memorable exterminator experience every time our technicians arrive at your Riverside area home.

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Don’t delay when you see a pest and want it gone fast. Contact Final Exterminators instead of the pest control you want at prices you can afford. We offer free estimates to all Riverside area homeowners and those in the surrounding areas. To provide you with an accurate quote, one of our technicians will need to assess your pest issue and gauge the size of your property. Depending on the type of pest and level of infestation, our technician will give you an estimate that includes a job well done with zero hidden charges or surprises of any kind. You only need to approve the estimate for our technician to get to work. We guarantee your home will be pest-free for up to three months following treatment. Call now to get a free quote and to learn more about pest extermination done right in the Riverside area.


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