Bed Bug Removal Approaches in & near Riverside and Moreno valley, CA

Bed Bug control in & near Riverside and Moreno valley, CA

Bed Bug Removal Self Approach

The other evening, I was contacted by a woman needing Bed Bug Removal. I began to share with her the process that she would need to perform to assist in eliminating the problem. I proceeded to inform her about cost and that Bed Bug Control is not cheap.

I shared with her that a cheap Bed Bug Removal was just that, Cheap. The time, chemical and effort, including the return visit had value and the end results would be worth it. So, she made the appointment for Bed Bug Control and elimination.

The next day she called and canceled. She informed me that she wanted to try her way first and if it did not work she would call me on the first of the month. I texted her back OK. Then I sent another text, informing her not to use foggers in an attempt to treat the problems.

An hour later she text me back saying, “Wow I just used foggers, spray and dust”. I texted her back, “I will be here when you need me”. Notice I said when you need me; I didn’t say if you need me, because it is not a matter of if but a matter of when. Upwards to 90 percent of do it yourself pest control on bed bug control does not work.


What Professionals Do

Eliminating bed bugs takes knowledge, chemicals and technique. The biggest problem with doing it yourself is that many of the bed bugs get a sublethal dosage of the poison and move out of the areas spreading the infestation throughout the house. In many cases the end results are throwing out much of the mattresses, dressers and couches due to an imbedded infestation of bed bugs trying to escape the poisonous application made by the homeowner.

It is unfortunate that many apartment owners give their tenant store bought product to solve the problem only to make it worse and spread throughout the apartment complex. It would be less costly if you contact a Bed Bug Control company near you and let them solve the problem for you.

Bed Bug control in & near Riverside and Moreno valley, CA

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