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Fungus, or more specifically mold, can wreak havoc on your Southern California property. As a homeowner, you know you must remain vigilant against all types of pests, including roaches, ants, rodents, and spiders. However, while you can see the antenna, bodies, and legs of most pests, fungus and mold are two types of pests that are invisible and completely silent. As such, mold happens to be one of the stealthiest demolition crews known to man.
Because they are so hard to detect, you might have an expensive problem on your hands without being aware of it.
For that reason, we encourage you to call Final Exterminators in Moreno Valley for a comprehensive mold inspection and fungus extermination. They can affect the air quality in your home and subsequently damage the health of your family. Act now before the fungus problem gets worse by calling us for a free and honest quote.

Fungus Exterminator in & near Moreno Valley, CA

Mold vs. Fungus – What is the Difference?

Many homeowners confuse them and think both gatherings of spores represent the same issue. The one thing most homeowners agree on is that they want mold and fungus gone from their homes for good. We don’t blame you.
Fungus is the term given to a group of spore-producing organisms that feed on organic matter. Examples of fungi include molds, mushrooms, yeast, and toadstools.
Mold is a type of fungus and it’s usually the kind you have to worry about as a Southern California property owner.

Fungus Exterminator – Why Are You Growing Fungus and Mold?

Many people think that keeping pests and fungus at bay are all about keeping a clean home. However, many pests, including fungus, do not discriminate. You can have mold growing in your home even if every room is spotless from top to bottom.

Mold can grow for a variety of reasons that include:

Poor Ventilation:

Your HVAC system keeps your home air-conditioned so that you remain comfortable all year long. If the air doesn’t flow freely, the air can grow stale and humid, leading to fungus and mold.

Leaky Windows:

Your windows are designed to keep the elements out. When it rains, the panes of glass keep the water from seeping into your home. When your windows develop cracks, rain and humidity can enter, providing an ideal environment for fungus to grow and in conclusion, you need a fungus exterminator as soon as possible.

Leaky Roof:

You may have a hole in your roof that is allowing moisture to seep in and mildew to grow. You don’t necessarily have to have a hole big enough for a leak for there to be a fungus problem. Even the smallest shingle holes or damage can lead to potentially dangerous fungus and mold.

The fact is, mold can enter your home in any number of ways, including doorways, windows, vents, and air conditioning/heating systems.
Mold tends to love areas that are full of moisture, such as where leaks develop. Mold tends to grow very well on paper, cardboard, wood products, and ceiling tiles. However, mold can also grow on wallpaper, insulation, drywall, upholstery, fabric, dust, and paints.

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What are the Effects of Fungus and Mold?

Fungus and particularly mold inside your home can cause a variety of adverse health effects. In addition to allergy problems, which can then lead to more severe problems, they can exacerbate asthma and cause general eye, nose, and throat irritation.
They can also cause costly damage to your home. Keep in mind that many homeowners’ insurance policies will only cover mold if the problem was caused by “covered peril.” Read your policy to see if mold is covered by your insurer.

How to Ensure You Don’t Get Mold – Riverside Mold Control

If you already have a mold or fungus problem, call Final Exterminators. We can rid your home of fungus and mold fast and do the fungus control your home needs. If you merely want to protect against them before a problem develops, here are the actions to take:

Control the Humidity:

Ensure that your HVAC system is optimized to work as efficiently as it should. If your system is old or outdated, it may not be replacing the air as often as required to keep the humidity in your home at acceptable levels. By controlling the humidity, you are supplying a prime home defense against mold growth.

Fix Leaks:

Go around your home and look for leaks in your roofing tiles, windows, and pipes. Patch the holes to keep moisture out and mold from flourishing on your property.
Cleanup After Floods: If you have suffered a flood, whether it was related to the weather or an anomaly like a broken pipe, ensure that the entire area is thoroughly cleaned and dried. Mold is common after a flood. Keep in mind that fungus can hide in the unlikeliest of places, which may prove the case for getting a professional to do the job.

Check Your Ventilation:

When checking your home’s ventilation, analyze your airflow, but also ensure the shower, laundry and cooking areas have adequate vents. Any sign of humidity can bring mold, so good airflow is key.

How to Rid Your Home of Mold for Good – Riverside Fungus Exterminator

When it comes to home damage, many might assume that termites and fires cause the most destruction. However, fungus and the resulting wood decay cause far more destruction than termites and fire combined.
When you add all the health problems fungus and mold can cause, you will want to do all you can to ensure neither fungus or mold ever invade your home.
For a comprehensive home inspection and to rid your home of fungus and mold fast, contact Final Exterminators, the only pest control company you will ever need in Moreno Valley, California. Call now for a free quote.


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