Quarterly Pest Control Service in & near Riverside & Moreno Valley, CA

Quarterly Pest Control in & near Riverside, CA ………………………………… $79

The effectiveness of most professional insecticide is 60 to 90 days. When this period is over, your home may be left unprotected from insect invasions, especially if your area is particularly prone to bugs. A quarterly service would prevent a repeat infestation, and act to keep these pests a bay proactively.

There is no initial startup fee, and for only $79 per quarter, we will come in every three months to repeat the treatment. This way, your home is safe all year round.

This service covers ants, spiders, earwigs, crickets, water bugs, and roaches. The service also includes the garage and 4 linear feet barrier around home and garage (up to 2500 sq. ft). Even though we may service various parts of the yard, our guarantee is that we will prevent insects from entering your home.


Why Year-Round Pest Services are Needed

  • Spring is the breeding season, when insects lay eggs, and produce a new crop of their population. You will notice way more bug activity outside the perimeter of your house or business, especially earwigs, spiders, and ants.
  • Summer presents a true challenge, as insects love the hot climate and are particularly active. Bees and hornets seem to take over every BBQ party you host, while water bugs and roaches flourish in abundance.
  • In Fall and Winter, as temperatures drop, the pests begin to invade the interior of your home, while seeking a warm shelter to continue their life cycle in. Your garage, basement, and kitchen area can become unpleasant to inhabit as you see them hosting these unasked-for guests.


This payment program is based on a one year contract. For $316 dollars for the entire year, you can rest assured that your property, commercial or residential, will be free of the most annoying and bothersome pests known to man.

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