What kinds of scenarios warrant monthly pest control, including ant control services? Final Exterminators break it down for you:


Commercial and Residential Ant Control & Monthly Pest Control Service in & near Riverside, CA

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  • Hotels: With travelers coming and going, some guests can bring along unwanted bed bugs from other–untreated–lodging facilities. This threatens your hotel, even If you have immaculate hygiene and sanitation standards. In such cases, even quarterly pest control service is not enough. Avoid bad publicity that will cost your business tens of thousands of dollars by eliminating the possibility of a roach or bed bug invasion.
  • Apartment Buildings and Townhomes: If you are a landlord in California, you know the problem that roaches present to your properties. It is a big deal–especially when tenants call you on a regular basis to complain. Take care of the problem offensively–instead of defending your reputation and rentals against the ever-present threat of insects. Call for a free consultation today!
  • Residences and Commercial Buildings in Wooded Areas: Fleas, ticks, and ants are indigenous to wooded and forest environments. Your romantic getaway cabin or serene office, then, is intruding on their property. Protect your real estate and health with a monthly pest control service.
  • Homes and Business Facilities Near Farmlands: Fields of crops, which are everywhere in our beautiful California country–attract insects and pests that seek to eat their way through this agricultural abundance. However, they are driven out by pesticides, and into the home of surrounding residents, looking for a reliable food supply.

Monthly Pest Control Service Cost ………………………………… $39

Some homes require special attention on a monthly basis– because of their local environment. Homes that are close to lakes, woods, and mountains are prone to high volumes of insect traffic.

For our monthly pest control service, we kill roaches, water bugs, ants, crickets, bed bugs, earwigs, and spiders.

There is an initial startup fee of $99. The monthly plan must be paid for in a one-year contract.
Call (800) 953-1397 to get started today! We also provide one-time pest control or quarterly pest services.

Monthly Pest Control Service areas for ant control and all other monthly pest control include Moreno Valley and Riverside.

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