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Ants are incredibly intelligent insects, living in highly organized societal units called colonies. Each colonial tribe can reach a million in population within just a few years.

Ant Exterminator in & near Moreno Valley, CA

 Ants prefer the warm climate, usually the Spring and Summer in most places. They are most active in the early morning and late night. In the Summer, they can be found bustling about any time of day or night.

Because of their ability to work in teams and to carry many times their body weight in objects, they can do serious damage to human dwellings.

Possible Dangers of an Ant Invasion

Depending on the kind of ants that are native to your area and which part of your building they have attacked, an ant infestation can present some serious problems. These may include:

  • Painful bites: If you have fire ants (a.k.a. red ants) around your property, their bite is an intense, almost electric sensation that may leave a red mark on your skin.
  • Allergic skin reaction: Some people have swollen welts where ant bites occurred, depending on their personal immunological response.
  • Discomfort for your family members: If one of your little ones stepped on a group of ants and got painfully bitten, this would leave a long-lasting negative impression in their minds about the safety of your home and yard.
  • Bacterial contamination: If ‘sugar’ ants have invaded your kitchen pantry, they can introduce pathogenic bacteria, including Salmonella to your clean dishes and food. These are the ants most people see as positively harmless. They target juice stains on your floor, the open food source in your pantry, and your pet food packages. However, their propensity to carry communicable diseases presents serious health hazards for your family.
  • Structural problems: Like termites, carpenter ants can jeopardize the integrity of your home. Instead of eating your wood, they just burrow through the foundation of your home, creating tunnels that can make your house or business building structurally unsound and dangerous.
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Getting Rid of Ants with Our Ant Control Techniques for Good by the Help of Our Pro Ant Exterminator!

When your home or office is suffering a full-blown ant invasion, it may seem impossible to get the problem under control, let alone get rid of every last one. However, the proper technique will exterminate all the ants in your house or facility.

What is the right ant treatment? At Final Exterminators, we prefer to use Taurus SC, the generic version of the popular Termidor SC. While the most commonly spoken about application for this insecticide is for termites, it is also very effective as an ant exterminator. This also works against fleas, centipedes, water bugs, and more.

  • This ant treatment is non-repellent, which means when it is sprayed around the perimeter and unto directly affected areas of your home or office, it does not simply encourage the bugs to go elsewhere on your property.
  • Neither is it an immediate contact killer that just annihilates the insects on contact.
  • Instead, this insecticide is completely undetectable to ants, so they carry on their activities in the areas we spray without evacuating at first. Their bodies deteriorate, and they soon die. The best part is that they pass some of the residual insecticides to other insects in their colony that they come in contact with, causing their eventual deaths.

The spray can wipe out a healthy ant population for up to a year, while also being completely safe for your children and pets once it is dry. It is a safe long-lasting ant killer.

To get a custom quote for pest control, contact Final Exterminators today. We will come to your location in Moreno Valley and Riverside, CA, and assess your ant situation. We also perform bee and wasp control, rodent control, and spider control.

    Ant Exterminator in & near Moreno Valley, CA

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