Pest Control vs Pest Prevention: Which is More Effective?

Pest Control vs Pest Prevention

Different types of pests are known to cause property damage and health risks. Some pests are more destructive than others. Rats and mice contaminate food and spread disease. Cockroaches contaminate food and worsen asthma conditions in humans. Termites attack wooden structures and foundations as well as cause various kinds of allergic reactions. What species of pests you may have to deal with depends on which location or area you reside in. If you plan to create a pest-free environment in your home or office, you should carry out proper pest control and pest prevention measures as per the specific needs of the situation.

But do you understand how pest control is different from pest prevention and which of these is more effective. In this article, we’ll discuss this topic and a lot more to help you stay informed and make the right decision at the right time so that you can live a safe, healthy, and hygienic life.


What is Pest Control?

Pest control is the process of using different types of pesticides and pest control devices in order to eliminate pests from a house, office, or building. This involves targeted application of methods and techniques to first assess the level of pest infestations and then get rid of the problem in an effective manner. After pest control treatment has been performed, the general pest control services company provides clients with a report of the entire procedure and the results.

If your house, apartment or office has been invaded by pests such as rodents, bed bugs, roaches, ants, spiders, or other common household pests, you will need to hire a pest control specialist immediately.


What is Pest Prevention?

Pest prevention refers to the application of a wide range of measures to prevent the attack of pests. The procedure involves implementing strategies in order to cut down the access of various types of pests to a house, building, or property. This proactive and extensive approach includes conducting pest trend analysis, risk analysis, sanitation, cleanup, and maintenance.

A pest prevention program focuses on properly identifying the causes and sources that might lead to an infestation and then getting rid of these, in order to keep out various types of pests in the future.

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Types of Common Pest Control Methods

When it comes to dealing with a particular pest problem, the first step is to evaluate the ideal method that should be applied. A pest management company will implement a method as per the specific needs of the problem as well as the location of the house, building, or property under attack. Given below are some of the common pest control methods used by specialists. Each of these methods plays a key role in exterminating various types of pests and insects.


Biological Control

When it comes to carrying out pest control on farmlands, pest management companies employ biological control methods. This method of pest control involves using natural predators to control and suppress different kinds of pests that are known to cause damage to valuable crops.

Also referred to as biocontrol, biological pest control methods are applied to get rid of pests and insects such as mites, aphids, pathogens, etc. When natural predators are mass-produced and released, these living organisms do an excellent job of exterminating harmful pests in an environmentally friendly manner. If farmland is affected by aphids, general pest control specialists deploy ladybugs. When released in large numbers, these ladybugs will completely exterminate the aphid infestations and the harvest will be protected as a result.

There are several benefits of using biological control methods for exterminating pest infestations in farmlands. Since you are dealing with organic crops, the use of chemical pest control is prohibited.

The effectiveness of this type of pest control depends on which predator is being used and its capability to reproduce in a certain kind of environment. The method takes some time because the predators need time to reproduce to increase their population in order to take on and exterminate all pests. If the procedure is not conducted in a correct manner, it is possible that the predators will become pests. That is why the method must be conducted by trained professionals.


Cultural Control

This is one of the basic but effective methods of controlling and exterminating pests. The method involves making the environment inhospitable and harsh for pests to the extent that they cannot survive. To perform this method, professional exterminators use a variety of ways such as planting specific crops, obstructive landscaping, and many other distracting tactics.

Typically, the cultural control method involves collecting or drawing all pests in one place first and then exterminating them with the use of pesticides. However, every step of the procedure needs to be followed with extreme care and attention or else, the pests may return to the crops once again. If you have a pest problem in your farmland, you should rely on pest control companies that possess a great deal of experience using cultural methods. Usually, this type of pest control service is used as an effective measure for pest prevention. The exterminator may have to use other techniques to get rid of a pest problem.

If you have a question about cultural pest control and prevention methods, feel free to get in touch with Final Exterminators. One of our specialists will answer your questions with easy-to-understand explanations.


Using Traps

Use of traps for pest control is one of the most common as well as highly effective methods for controlling and getting rid of rodents. Trapping is a practical approach, as it doesn’t spread toxicity and can be used again. It is ideal for pest problems where the infestation hasn’t reached a threatening level. There are different kinds of devices and tools available to capture pests.

The placement of traps should be done in a proper manner, based on the severity and activity of pests in a house, apartment, building or office. If traps are not placed in the right places, you will fail to get the expected results. Pest extermination specialists are fully trained in the use of various types of traps to capture pests and insects. After pests have been trapped, they are either killed or released outside, far away so that they do not enter the house or property again. Though traps are not toxic themselves, the baits used with the traps may have toxicity.

When it comes to trapping pests, there are both toxic and non-toxic ways to get it done. What type of bait will be used depends on the type of pests and the level of infestation you have in your home or building.


Chemical Control

Chemical control methods are the most potent and effective of all methods of pest control used and applied by exterminators. Use of pesticides and chemicals offers fast and highly effective results, no matter how severe an infestation has grown. However, such methods are used and applied by highly trained technicians under the supervision of experts in a completely safe manner.

It must be reiterated that mixing and applying pesticides and chemicals is the job of a highly trained expert. You can never trust an inexperienced person or an amateur with such a crucial method of pest control and extermination. If the amount that is mixed and applied is wrong, it can lead to serious consequences. That is why it is crucial that you work with a highly experienced pest extermination company and discuss your specific needs with them in advance. Professionals know and understand exactly which pesticide or chemical will work on certain species of pests. Many pests develop an immunity to certain chemicals. Pest control methods using chemicals never remain the same; they constantly evolve in order to maintain effectiveness and exterminate pests and insects in a proper manner.

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Learn How Often Do You Need Pest Control?


What Pest Prevention Programs Include

Pest prevention programs involve taking all essential preventative measures in order to keep pests out of a home, building, or facility and reduce the risk of pest infestations. In comparison to pest control measures, pest prevention requires a great deal of time, people, and resources. However, all the energy and effort that goes into the program is truly worth it. After taking all the necessary pest prevention measures, you can feel confident that your house’s or office’s exposure to various types of pests and insects gets reduced to a much lower level.

Professionals take a number of factors into consideration to develop a highly effective and results-driven pest prevention program. Key factors include the size of the house, facility, or property, structural layout of the property, type of products stored (if it is a warehouse or facility), etc.

Most of all, the results of a pest prevention program depend on the collaboration between the pest control experts and the homeowner or the owners of a property or business. If it is a company, the employees need to cooperate throughout the process of pest prevention. Companies need to work together with pest extermination experts in order to educate and train their employees. It is crucial for the employees in a company or workers in a facility to understand how they can help enhance the performance of the pest prevention program.

Key steps of pest prevention include:

  • Conducting risk analysis
  • Staying above property or facility maintenance
  • Setting up a uniform cleaning and sanitation protocol
  • Removing conducive conditions
  • Conducting pest trend and monitoring analysis
  • Training and educating employees
  • Carry out frequent inspections

Though a pest prevention program will significantly reduce the risks of pests in a property, building, or facility, the need for general pest control services may still arise. But the best thing is that these problems will present an opportunity to understand the gaps and further beef up your pest prevention programs in the future in order to ensure a pest-free environment.

For more tips on pest prevention, exactly what kind of program you will need for your house, apartment, building, or facility and what to expect while the program is being carried out, you should talk to professionals such as those from Final Exterminators in Moreno Valley and Riverside, CA.


Should You Choose Pest Control or Pest Prevention?

Hopefully, you have now clearly understood that pest control and pest prevention are not the same. Pest control is about controlling and exterminating pests whereas pest prevention involves securing a home or office in a manner that the pests’ access is blocked and the chances of an infestation are reduced significantly. So, what you should choose between these two depends on specific needs and situations. If you are dealing with a pest infestation, you will need to hire general pest control services. To prevent pests from invading your house, building, or property, you will need to use a pest prevention program developed by professionals.

Many times, you will need a combination of pest control and pest prevention to create a completely pest-free environment. Talking to professionals will help you find out what exactly you need to get done.


Talk to a Pest Management Specialist

If you are struggling with a pest issue in your property, office, or facility, you should take proper action to address it. The best advice is to reach out to a trusted and experienced exterminator in your area. For fast and highly effective pest control and prevention solutions in Riverside, Moreno Valley, Los Angeles, and Orange County, you should head straight to Final Exterminators.

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