What Termite Treatment is Most Effective?

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The presence of termites in any area of house or apartment can prove to be consequential. These pests can infest a property and be active while remaining hidden from sight. If you spot any signs of a termite infestation in your home, you should immediately get into action and apply the most effective treatment for their removal. Not just that, you should also take preventive steps to keep them out in the future. To control severe infestations, you should hire a professional pest control company to properly eliminate all termite activities on your property.

Getting a termite inspection is a surefire way of tracking any kind of termite activity and identifying the particular termite species that have attacked your home. Once the inspection has confirmed there are termites, you should use some of the most effective treatment methods for their removal.

What Termites Do

Though termites do no direct harm to humans, they can cause serious damage to walls, floors, ceilings, and furniture. If they attack the foundations of a property, they can endanger the structural integrity of that property. The extent of damage depends on how large their colonies are.

It is not easy to track the presence of termites as soon as they enter your home. In fact, it can take 2-3 years before you actually see the termite swarmers or their broken wings in the infested area. While they remain hidden from the eye, their activity goes on in an uninterrupted manner. Over time, termites expand their colonies and spread from one area to another. If their colonies are large, you can expect serious damage to walls and the wood furniture in your home.

The presence of termites in your home can also lead to different types of allergies and respiratory system problems.

Old-School Treatment Methods are Not Effective

Using repellents and pesticides offers property owners an affordable option to control termites. Such treatments will only force termites to spread from one location to another. However, their colonies will not be eliminated. To put it in another way, this method of termite treatment is not very effective.

In the old days, people used a number of similar treatment methods to control a termite infestation. Another technique is to install a plastic barrier before the brickwork. But all such methods have proven to be ineffective. While you can use these methods to control termite penetration on a temporary basis, termites find their way into various areas of a property over time. If you are relying on old-school or outdated techniques, you should clearly know that these are not highly effective solutions. For permanent termite extermination and to destroy the entire termite colonies, you should use the most effective methods of removal.

Effective Methods of Termite Treatment


Droppings, discarded wings, mud tubes, peeling paint, and wood damage are some of the most common signs of a termite infestation in a house, mansion, or apartment. If you suspect termites have entered your property, you should keep an eye out for these signs and seek professional help.

Before termite treatments can begin, it is essential to find out what species of termites have infested your home. Dampwood and dry wood termites feed on and live in wooden structures whereas subterranean termites build their colonies in the ground, close to sources of moisture. They can also live above the ground if moisture sources are easily available in that place. First, you need to get a termite inspection done by a reputed pest control company. If your property is located in Moreno Valley and Riverside, CA, you should reach out to the Final Exterminators for a professional termite inspection, pest control, and termite removal treatment.

Which termite treatment will be most effective depends on the stage and severity of the infestation you have. Given below are some of the most effective treatment methods to get rid of termites.

Non-Repellent Termiticides

When it comes to termite removal, using liquid termiticides is considered to be one of the most effective methods.

Non-repellant, liquid termiticides aren’t just effective, but they also offer faster results to homeowners. If you plan to stop the entry of termites into your property, you should use this method. To get the best results, you should first create a trench-line excavation along the perimeter of your house or apartment. Then, you need to treat the excavation with a liquid termiticide. After the application is completed, you can again fill up the holes with soil. This method can keep termites out of your property for 7-8 years. You can repeat the exercise later again.

Drill and Inject

After a proper termite inspection, professionals first locate the areas of infestation. Then, they use this unique method to destroy entire termite colonies. This method is quite well-known for its high effectiveness.

At first, tiny holes are drilled into walls, slabs, external paths, or foundations and then a non-repellent termiticide is injected into those holes. Pest control experts use a soil rod to carry out the treatment. After the termiticide has been properly injected, the holes are filled up back again. The best thing about this treatment is that it doesn’t eliminate the pests instantly. Instead, it allows the treatment-exposed termites to survive and get back to their nest so that they can infect other termites. In this way, the entire termite colony gets infected and destroyed.

Termite Baits

Using a baiting system is an effective way to control and eliminate termite pests. But the methods take a little longer to deliver results. Once the baits are placed, termites will eat them and die as a result.

If you have a major termite infestation, this termite baiting system is the ideal method to get rid of termites permanently. Also referred to as an in-ground baiting system, the method involves setting up small plastic bait stations along the perimeter of a house, mansion, or apartment. It is for professionals to select the locations in a strategic manner for the best results. Termites discover the food sources and feed on the placed baits. Then, the chemical starts to do its job. The chemical impedes the growth of the termite and ultimately causes them to die. Carrier termites also infect other termites in the nest and entire colonies are eliminated.

Factors that Determine the Effectiveness of Termite Treatment

Determine the Effectiveness of Termite Treatment

All termite infestations are not the same. Using the same treatment method will not prove to be effective in every pest situation. Before the application of treatment can begin, it is crucial to accurately assess the size of the infestation and identify the areas that have been attacked by termites.

A pest control company will take multiple factors into account to determine which termite treatment will be most effective in a particular situation. Based on the construction type of your property, professionals will select the most ideal method for the removal of pests. In many cases, pest control experts may need to use a combination of two different methods to get the best results.

Likewise, pest management experts will consider the soil type, slope of the block, and other factors to apply the most suitable treatment method for the permanent removal of a termite infestation.

Cost of Termite Treatment

The cost of termite treatment can be low or high. Since every pest situation is not the same, professionals need to use various methods to get rid of termites in a home or apartment. In many cases, a single treatment will be enough to deal with the termite problem in your property. Or, the procedure can be complicated and may require 2-3 visits for complete termite removal. The cost of termite treatment can be as low as just $70 or as high as $950 or more.

The actual cost of the treatment will be determined based on the size of your home and the severity of the termite issue.

Get a Termite Inspection

Termite attacks in Moreno Valley and Riverside, CA, are common. If you suspect your property has been invaded by termites, the first thing you should do is schedule a termite inspection. Regular termite inspections will help you control any issue in its early stage and get rid of pests immediately. If you ignore the signs of an infestation, termites can establish large colonies. They will spread to multiple areas of your property, and cause devastating damage to assets.

Pest control experts will conduct a proper inspection, track termite activity immediately, and dictate the best treatment for their removal. In this way, you can save yourself thousands of dollars in damage repairs.

Talk to a Professional Termite Control Expert

Termites are pests, which are well-known to be devastating to just about any area of the structure in your home. If you have noticed signs of an infestation, you should turn to the Final Exterminators for professional help. Located in Moreno Valley and Riverside, CA, we conduct regular inspections in a wide range of homes and offer the most suitable pest control methods and plans for the extermination of all termite species in a fast and professional manner.

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