Have Rats and Mice Invaded Your Property? Follow These Tips and Guidelines for Timely Prevention and Control Rodents

Rodent infestation

Seasonal Tips for Prevention of Rodents in CA

Rodents such as rats and mice will chew on anything they can find. That is the reason why people worry so much about the invasion of rodents. Once rodents enter your home or business place, they can create a mess and damage your property in multiple ways. If the rats chew on electrical wires, it can lead to the shutdown of the entire electrical system in your property. If rodents are not controlled, they can damage the plumbing and cause structural damage to your property. Rats can also transmit many harmful bacteria and viruses to humans.

So, it is important to keep an eye out for rodents in your property and take preventive action as soon as you spot their signs.

What Species of Rats Live in California

Rodent infestation is a common problem in California. The cities and urban areas of this US state provide a suitable habitat for rats and mice to eat and grow. From homes and gardens to offices, rats and mice can enter and infest almost any place and create a wide range of problems for people.

Rodents can eat soft fruits, seeds, grains and vegetables. Rats and mice can also feed on animal products. They can enter into homes anytime of the year. But you can expect them to invade your homes and offices mostly between the summer season and fall. If the rodents are very hungry and they don’t find enough food to eat, they will chew on just anything they can reach. Don’t ignore their presence and control their invasion before the situation becomes worse.

What Species of Rats Live in California

Given below are two common rat species that inhabit indoor and outdoor areas in the cities of California.

Different Types of Rats

Norway Rats: These rats can be identified with their short tails, as compared to the overall length of their body. Norway rats are bigger in size than roof rats. The body length of these rodents measures 28 cm. They can live and grow in gardens, landscapes, buildings, sewers etc. These rats are common in the coastal regions of California as well as the inner city and mid-city areas. Norway rats are commonly known as street rats or sewer rats.

Roof Rats: These rats are smaller in size but have a long tail. Based on the length of their tail, you can quickly differentiate these rats from Norway rats. In fact, the length of the tail of a roof rat measures more than the length of its body. The length of an adult roof rat’s body measures between 32 and 46 cm. These rodents inhabit indoor areas, dense vegetation, palm trees etc. Roof rats are known to infest and invade inland and suburban areas of California. Once these rats enter a home, office or commercial building, they can damage assets and materials through gnawing. Not just that, they can also contaminate food and transmit multiple bacteria and viruses of dangerous diseases to human beings.

Considering the amount of harm rodents can do, it is important to look out for the signs of their infestation. If you notice bite marks on food items or gnawing marks on furniture items and walls, you should suspect the presence of rodents in your residential building or business property. It is advisable to seek the help of a professional or pest control company in or near your location.

Prevention Tips

During the winter season, we like to keep ourselves warm. Rodents are no different than us in that sense. They also seek places to hide where they can protect themselves from the cold weather. If rats and mice have entered and taken shelter in your property, this means you have an infestation.

Given below are some practical tips that you should use to prevent and control the infestation of rodents.

Mow Your Grass:

While plenty of rain gives Californians respite from the sweltering heat of the summer, it also leads to growth of vegetation. So, you need to check out if the vegetation in your garden has grown enough to attract rodents. Rats and mice like tall grasses to take shelter and this could make it easy for them to enter and invade your homes and business places.

Mow Your Grass

Therefore, mow your garden and lawn properly. It is a good idea to cut the grass to no more than two inches tall. If you see fruits fallen from the trees, pick them up as they too can attract different types of rodents.

Seal Openings and Gaps:

Rodents will enter your home or office through small cracks, holes and openings in walls, doors and windows. If you want to prevent rats from entering your properties, the first thing you should do is find all cracks and openings and seal them up in a proper manner.

Store Food Properly:

When you want to stop rodents from overwhelming your homes and other properties, you need to change the way you store the food items you eat as well as pet feed. Cardboard boxes and plastic bags are not useful because rodents can easily gnaw through them. To store food items, you should get containers made of steel and ceramic. In this way, you can make it impossible for rats and mice to gnaw through and access the food items.

Store Food Properly

Keep Your Property Clean:

Whether it is home, yard or office, keeping these spaces neat and clean will prevent infestation of rodents. It is easy to find crumbs lying here and there inside a home. This is a great source to attract rodents into the house. Make sure there are no crumbs or particles of food lying on the dining table or the kitchen floor. Everytime after you cook something or prepare a dish, sweep the kitchen floor so that no crumbs are left behind.

Fix the Plumbing Leaks:

Rats and mice also need water like humans do. If you have leaks in your plumbing or standing water, you need to take care of these for prevention and control of rodents. Rats and mice often look for water leaks, as this can provide them with water on a regular basis. Get all the water leaks fixed and the gutters cleaned so that there is no standing water either.

Declutter the Outdoor Areas:

Cluttered spaces offer an ideal shelter for rodents. Take a closer look at the outdoor areas and see if you can get rid of the things you don’t need anymore. Clear the clutter and arrange the outdoor space in a proper manner. Don’t put things leaning against the wall.

It is a good practice to remove all the clutter in the outdoor area before snowfall begins and the snow covers everything.

Secure the Garbage Bins:

Check out the garbage bins. If the bins are overspilling and the garbage is spreading around, this can immediately attract rodents. If the extra bags are lying along the wall, the risk of rat and mice infestation will increase. You should handle this kind of situation as quickly as possible and put your garbage in a tightly sealed can so that it doesn’t overflow.

Let Nature Help You:

This should sound interesting. Of course, nature can also help you in your endeavor to remove rodents. Owls and hawks, as you know, are predators that prey on rats and mice. Plant trees that these predators like and protect their habitat. Doing so will encourage predators to visit your garden and kill and eat all the rodents they can find around your house.

nature can also help you in your endeavor to remove rodents like Owls and hawks

Seek Help from a Professional: While you can follow all these tips and many others to prevent rodents infestation, you should not hesitate to take help from a pest control professional or extermination service. In many cases, delaying the measures can make the infestation even worse. Whether you plan for an assessment of your property done or want to control an invasion of rats, mice and other large rodents, hiring a pest control service is the best thing to do.

When it comes to rodents problem, being proactive is the best piece of advice that you can use and follow. Make it hard for rats and mice to enter and hide in your home and you’ll be able to prevent infestation.

Don’t Ignore the Signs of Rodents (Rat or Mouse) Infestation

It is crucial to identify rodent infestation in time. If you ignore the early signs or delay taking prevention measures, the infestation can turn into a severe one and cause more serious issues than you can imagine.

If rats and mice have taken shelter in your home or office, they will also leave behind signs that you can use to ascertain their presence. Key signs you should look for include rodent droppings, nesting material, gnawing marks, holes in walls and floors and stale or musky smells among others. All such signs indicate that rodents have entered your house or business place.

Always keep in mind that you may not spot a rat or mouse and rodents could still be present in your property. You’ll notice rodents only when the infestation is big and there are too many rats and mice.

Are You Looking for Expert Help to Prevent Rodents Infestation?

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