Do Pests Grow on The Wall? What Should Be Done to Get Rid of Them?

Pest Control That’s Off The Wall

Whar Causes The Pests to Grow on Outside Walls?

What most people don’t understand is that the less stuff that is placed against the walls of your home outside the less pest will enter. By leaning items on the walls of your home, this will attract all types of pest. Take Black Widow spiders for instant, they love building webs and nest in dark close areas. When you lean stuff against the house you are inviting them to dwell there. The same is true of many other pest, earwigs, water bugs, scorpions, sow bugs, crickets, spiders, lizards and rodents.

Placing stuff on the side and rear of your homes also makes it very difficult to perform an effective pest control service. In many cases we are unable to get the necessary chemical application to the sides of the home due to this clutter.

As tempting and convenient as it may be to store this stuff around the walls of your home, it is 100% better to place the items 5 to 15 feet away from the walls. This also includes trash containers because they too provide cover for pest. By keeping your home and surrounding walls clear and free of stuff, you increase the possibility of a pest free home by 50 to 65%.

Much of pest control and a pest free environment is achieved through (IPM) integrated pest management.  Having an environment that is free of rats and mice, water bugs, crickets and the likes will give you a lot more peace concerning the conditions of both your home and garage.Insomuch that an ant infestation starts at the base and exterior parts of your home, walls that are clear and free of stuff and clutter allows the exterminator to place an exact amount and direct application of pesticide.

So, let’s keep the pest off the walls by keeping your stuff off the walls.

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