Best Pest Control Resolutions for the New Year

Pest-free Home with New Pest Control Resolutions in Moreno Valley, CA

Every new year, people plan new things to improve their lives, remain healthy and lead happy life. We make resolutions, which bring us closer to the various goals, short and long term, we want to achieve. This year’s resolution is to have a pest-free home.

Keeping your home pest-free will bring you multiple benefits. First of all, your family will live a safe and healthy life in a house or apartment without pests. Keeping pests away will protect the monetary value of your property. At the same time, this resolution will help you avoid serious pest control issues. All of this together will fill your lives with joy and peace, allowing you to sincerely focus on things that matter.

Given below are some of the best pest control resolutions you should make this new year for safe and healthy family living.

Maintain a Clean Kitchen

Clean Kitchen for Pest Free Home

The kitchen is where food is prepared and cooked. If the kitchen is messy with food crumbs lying here and there, it will attract ants, cockroaches, and mice among other pests. So, the first resolution you should make is to keep your kitchen properly clean. Find out if the kitchen needs a deep clean and get it done to start the new year on a fresh note. Pay attention to every area and surface of the kitchen and give the entire space a detailed cleaning. In addition to cleaning, take some small steps to keep the entire kitchen area organized in a proper manner.

For example, use a compost or trash bowl to place the food scraps in. It is often seen that food scraps are thrown on the counters. Having a trash bowl at hand will resolve this issue. Likewise, you can have a place for everything including the non-refrigerated fruit and cooking utensils.


Clutter offers an excellent opportunity for pests to hide and breed. Make a resolution that you will declutter every room and area of your house, mansion, or apartment in a proper and effective manner.

Decluttering offers multiple benefits. Having less unwanted items in the house means you will have less to clean and organize. Get ready to declutter every room and area in your house. Even if you spend 10 minutes a day or focus on one unwanted item a day, you will have 365 items removed in a year. No matter if you start small, you will see big benefits down the line. Identify clothes you never wear and donate them to a charitable organization or the needy.

In any case, have a decluttering list at hand, as it will speed up the entire process and make the job much easier.

Seal Off the Cracks and Gaps

When it comes to pest control, it is crucial to closely examine the perimeter of your house, both inside and outside.

Small cracks around the doors and windows and in the foundation are key entry points from where pests enter to keep your home pest-free. This new year, make a resolution to find all these points and seal them off in a proper manner. Also, check your plumbing for leaks and get them repaired as soon as you can. Being a constant source of water, these leaks often attract pests such as roaches. Use a caulking gun to seal up all the cracks that you can find around the perimeter.

If you can’t deal with finding and sealing off cracks on your own, seek the help of a professional pest control company such as Final Exterminators, which operates in and near Moreno Valley, CA.

Keep Woodpile Away from Walls

It is common for homeowners to keep firewood as close as possible. This allows fast access to the woodpile during colder months. However, firewood also offers shelter to a wide range of pests.

Pests that take shelter in firewood include carpenter ants, termites, sowbugs, pillbugs, etc. This is why you should exercise caution when piling firewood in or around your home. If the woodpile is stored close to the wall, the pests that live inside the pile will easily enter your property. To make your home pest-free, you should make sure the woodpile is stored a few feet away from the wall. Also, be careful when you bring wood pieces inside. Carrying pieces of wood from the pile gives pests a good opportunity to hitch a ride and enter your house or apartment. Don’t give pests that live outside any chance to come inside.

Dispose of Kitchen Trash Every Night

The smell of food trash in the kitchen can easily attract pests. So, you need to get rid of this trash every night, without fail.

Pests such as ants and roaches search for food and water. For them, the food waste in the kitchen proves to be an excellent source to thrive. If the kitchen trash is not removed for days, it is an invitation for insects as well as rodents. While you maintain a clean kitchen, don’t forget to take the trash outside on a regular basis. Most of all, you should keep the garbage cans covered with a lid. Ensure your pest removal resolution for the new year includes this task.

Switch to Plastic Containers

Plastic Containers for Pest-free Home

The type of containers you use for storage of different kinds of stuff needs consideration as well. If you use cardboard containers in your home, you should make a switch to plastic containers to keep pests away.

Pests often take shelter in containers made of cardboard material. Many pests can also eat through the material to get inside the containers and infest the items kept inside. In place of cardboard containers, you should use plastic containers, as the latter reduces the risk of pest infestation to a great extent. Also, you can seal up plastic containers to keep pests and bugs away.

Keep the Yard in Good Shape

If you plan to keep your home pest-free, you should deny pests the two things they need to thrive – food and shelter. Keeping this in mind, you should always keep your yard clean and well-maintained.

Make a new year resolution to give your yard a good cleaning. Remove all the clutter, dirt, and debris that might have accumulated in the yard over time. Make sure the yard does not have standing water anywhere. Tend the lawn and trim the shrubs and trees in a proper manner. Remove piles of leaves from the yard. You should always remember that pests like to live in vegetation and from the yard, they can easily make their way into your home in search of food and warmth. If you maintain a neat and clean yard, you will stay clear of pests and bugs.

Get a Pest Inspection Done

When pests attack, they can cause health issues as well as damage to assets and structures. For example, termites are well-known to cause damage to wood structures and the foundation of the property. Likewise, there are other pests associated with many other kinds of health hazards and property damage issues. A pest inspection is a great way to avoid all such problems.

A pest inspection is usually required when a property is appraised. People have a pest inspection conducted when selling a property or moving into a new pest-free home. However, the main purpose of such an inspection is to look for pest problems before they can take up a worse form. If you suspect you have a pest or termite problem, you should go ahead and get a pest inspection done by a professional pest control and exterminator service in or near your location. During the inspection, the pest control expert looks for pest infestation and structural damage. Finally, the inspector creates a pest report which includes the details of what kind of pests were found and the extent of damage done as well as treatment and solutions.

Make a new year resolution to get a pest inspection carried out if you think you might have a pest problem in your home.

Talk to a Pest Control Specialist

The pest control resolutions given above are some of the best you can make for the new year. What is even more important than making resolutions is to stick to them to get the desired results. If for any reason, you see that your attention gets diverted from your goals, you can always head over to Final Exterminators to get all your pest control resolutions implemented. Operating in and near Moreno Valley and Riverside, CA, we offer fast and effective pest control and removal services on a one-time, monthly, or quarterly basis, as per your needs.

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